A New Tool

I want to make some different quilt designs that I will not be able to handle completely by hand. This means I need a new tool to help me out. Many of us do not have space or cash to purchase a long arm machine for quilting. Such machines usually occupy huge space and are exhausting since you have to stand while working. If you work like this for several days, you may find yourself having joint problems. I want to help you avoid all these issues by reviewing some of the best quilting machines. I have a look before you shopping.

Singer’s Quantum Stylist quilting machine

Singer’s Quantum Stylist

This a computerized machine and it is ideal for individuals who have some experience in sewing. The machine comes with 600 inbuilt stitches that cause more people to want to purchase it. These stitches give you the freedom you need s you can any stitch that you want for your quilt. The thirteen auto buttonholes make this machine one of the best since you don’t have to worry about how to make them because the machine creates them automatically. Learn more from this page.

When it comes to thread cutting, this machine offers you the convenience you need. It comes with an auto thread cutter and needle ensuring that you can automatically cut the thread and do the threading without having to call someone to help you. This makes your work easy. The machine also has the option of raising and lowering the needle. This ensures that you can sew any type of fabric. Additionally, there is a stress-free drop bobbin mechanism that helps you learn a lot about flow.

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  • Has a variety of stitches
  • It is fully automated and thus making your work stress-free
  • Easy to view LCD screen
  • The machine is easy to thread and cut the yarn as well


  • This machine is heavy and thus making to move from one area to another.
  • It is not suitable for beginners

Brother’s XR9500PRW Project

Brother’s XR9500PRW Project

Do you want to take your skills to the next level, this is the quilting machine you should buy. It features one hundred inbuilt utility and decorative stitches that will give you more options to choose from so you can decorate your quilt the way you wish. Additionally, this machine’s sewing area is well lit to ensure that you can see the blanket you are sewing. It also enables you to sew any time of the day. So, whether you have an urgent project and want to sew at night, this is the machine for you.

Moreover, this machine features a free arm, jam resistance, and speed regulator will assist you to sew with easiness. It allows you to sew at a speed you are comfortable with and without any disturbance. The machine has an LCD display that helps you to see the speed you have selected ensuring that you are in control of your sewing. Another thing is that the machine comes with inbuilt sewing fonts that help you do basic branding or marking the way you want. See more here bestsewingmachines.reviews.


  • The machine is ideal for both beginners and experts
  • The sewing area is illuminated so you can sew any time of the day
  • The LCD display is easy to view
  • You can control the speed at which you do the sewing
  • Offers you a wide range of stitches to choose from
  • It makes sewing easy
  • It offers you advanced accessories


  • The letterings are small and this makes it hard to- see them
  • It is not suitable for sewing for heavy fabrics like leather


Do you have a quilting project coming up soon and your machine is not working or would want to add another one? Getting a user-friendly machine and one that has all the features you need will help you complete your project the soonest you can. If you are new to- quilting, you should consider getting a machine for quilting that you can use even after you advance your skills. Also, if you usually sew at night, consider purchasing a machine that has an illuminated sewing area. This is so that you can view your quilt as you sew regardless of the time of the day.