It’s Time

I have been after my husband to assist me to pick out a new mattress because ours desperately needs to be replaced. If you have had issues with your mattress, I’m sure you are aware that an uncomfortable mattress can cause to toss all night without god sleep. Having a good sleep is vital to your health. The best way to achieve that sleep is by having the best mattress to sleep on. I know most people want to go shopping but are scared away because it is time-consuming and it is not easy to find the right one. If you are such kind of person, you have come to the right place. I will share a review of my preferred mattresses.

Layla Sleep

Layla Sleep

This is the mattress that is built to last. It is constructed by use of four levels of foam. The base level is infused with a memory foam of one-inch copper. There are also four to five inches layer of the bottom support bubbles. This ensures that you feel comfortable and get enough support while sleeping.  The supportive layers are ideal for lessening backache as they ensure your back is aligned. As a result, you do not feel as if you are sinking into the mattress as you slumber.

Moreover, the copper infused-foam assists you to remain much cool and refreshed all through the night. If your area is hot, this is the mattress for you as you will not be awakened by the sweat at night. The manufacturer of this mattress is confident about its quality since mattress comes with a lifetime guarantee. This only means that the maker of the mattress will replace or repair your mattress automatically. More here


  • It is comfortable to sleep on
  • The mattress offers adequate support to you as sleep
  • It lessens back pain
  • It keeps you cool the entire night
  • The mattress comes with a lifetime guarantee


  • It has too soft sides

LUCID’s 10 Inch Queen mattress

LUCID’s 10 Inch

This is another good mattress that I’m sure you will also like. The mattress features infusions of bamboo charcoal that help to eradicate smells and draw away moisture from the skin to ensure a naturally hypoallergenic bed. Apart from that, it has the Aloe vera infusions that encourage every day brightness by creating a soothing and peaceful sleep atmosphere. The mattress also features, coils, transition and memory foam that offer a gentle and soft comfort supported by a well-proportioned coat of support. Not only that but this mattress is built to offer you lasting comfort and has a ten-year guarantee.

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  • It is comfortable to sleep on
  • The mattress offers you adequate support
  • The mattress eradicates odors to ensure you sleep on a fresh smelling bed
  • It keeps you peaceful all through the night
  • It conforms to your body shape


  • Some users said the mattress was too hard and this made them uncomfortable

DreamCloud mattress


If you haven’t found a mattress from my list, this one might be the one for you. The mattress features a gel-filled foam is that has a cooling effect and is very supportive. The hypoallergenic fantastic premium innate latex coat of this mattress offers a cushioning spring back for extra contouring. The mattress also has a comfy high thickness memory bubbles that offer deep contouring support to ensure you get a good night rest. Also, the dense bubbles help to maintain the back aligned and cradle the spine regardless of your sleeping position.


  • The mattress is comfortable
  • It offers adequate support
  • The mattress keeps your back arranged to ensure you do not wake up with pains.
  • It supports all sleeping positions making it one of the best mattresses
  • It gives you a cooling effect to ensure you do not keep tossing on the bed due to sweating.


  • It is expensive


We all know what a good mattress can do to your sleep. After working the entire day, the last thing you need is to spend the night in an outdated mattress that makes you uncomfortable. Prioritize your health by getting one of the mattresses that I have reviewed. Most of them offer a warranty and there are some that offer a lifetime guarantee.